Half of Samsung’s defective, potentially explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteriesare now safely out of US consumers’ hands.

Just two days after Samsung shipped 500,000 replacement Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to US retailers — to begin replacing the 1 million sold — the company says that one-half of existing Note 7 owners in the US have returned their original handsets. That’s up from 25 percent two days ago, and 13 percent as of September 15.

And it seems that the vast majority of those people are willing to trust Samsung’s Note 7 again: 90 percent of them decided to exchange their original Note 7 for a new Note 7, instead of opting for a refund or a partial refund along with an alternate Samsung phone.

(Samsung has said replacement Note 7 phones are brand-new, and they include brand-new batteries from a different supplier.)

Samsung’s giant Galaxy Note 7 recall is far from over, with the other half of US-based Note 7 smartphones still at large. You could easily read today’s news as “Only half of Samsung’s defective batteries have been returned.”

Source CNet